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the betrayal painitng by sydney artist miriam cabello

© Miriam Cabello:
Station II: The Betrayal
Oil on Belgian Linen

Styling for artworks and photoshoots

Styling for photoshoots and artwork based on a clients creative brief. This may include:

  • Design and art research for visual references
  • Interpretation of references to suit the brief
  • Props and clothing recommendations
  • Customising of textiles

Case study: The Betrayal. The client required the models be styled and dressed to suit the narrative of the painting.

Artist brief: The scene needed to depict the betrayal of Jesus by Judas in the context of a contemporary boxing narrative.

Black boxer, foreground (Jesus): Customised singlet with a stencilled and hand painted emblem of a fish, symbolizing Christ in the Christian faith. The boxing shorts were chosen with the colours gold and purple. These colours reference liturgical themes of divinity and penitence.

Promoter, background (Judas): The outfit needed to reference the historical setting and depict concepts of: financial gain; a strained relationship; and escape.

For this reason a Gucci travel wallet is held in the left hand. The silk shirt chosen is from Versace’s Greco-Roman collection. The jewelry on models right hand is from Cartier’s Double C collection.


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